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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Joy and Healing via My New Magic Wands

My friend Letitia Lee, of Esoteric Pure Magic, crafts extraordinary wands. My understanding of other wands I have used until now is that – while they often contain aspects which enhance the energy, such as particular crystals or a specific kind of wood – the magic is in the witch or magician using them; the wand amplifies and extends that. 

Letitia's wands themselves have the magic. (The user can add any of their own, e.g. as a Reiki Master I am able to add Reiki to the powers of the wands I have from Letitia.)

I had got used to the way that wands which are an extension of the user are made, with much focus on the crystal at the tip (the pointing end). Letitia's wands taper to fine points, and have wider handles where most of the power is concentrated (like a reservoir of power waiting to be activated). 

'The Hogwarts prototype!' I said to her. She assures me she invented this design long before J.K. Rowling and/or the film-makers came up with it. And in fact her wands are not all that much like the Hogwarts ones except in that respect. 

It is certainly a new and interesting experience to use a wand made in this way. I have grown to love the feeling. I don't feel in any way disempowered, quite the reverse. It's empowering to hold and use a more advanced tool. Just as I would with an up-to-the-minute new kitchen appliance or a state-of-the-art electronic device, I keep being delighted by how much more I can do. 

They are all made from natural materials, even the glue. That, of course, is the case with many other types of wands; still it's nice to note that it's so for these also. And they contain some powerful but invisible ingredients – which may be the case with others as well, but again it's nice to know.

A more unusual property is that Letitia's wands are telepathic. They can and do communicate with the user. I initiate conversations with mine, often in the form of requests; also there are times when they speak to me first. This might be to tell me how and where to apply the tip to my body for healing. Recently my healing wand volunteered the advice that, as well as using it, I could still give myself hands-on Reiki of an evening while watching television! (I am used to this with energy healing. Reiki itself will sometimes lead one to another form of healing to add to the mix for optimum results.)

I am very blessed to have two of Letitia's wondrous wands. As we are close personal friends, she designed and made one specially for me as a xmas present. It's long, intricate and beautiful, and contains some symbols very personal to me. (She herself had no conscious knowledge of the depths of those personal connections when she included them; but as she is highly psychic I'm not all that surprised.) It was created with various functions, an important one of which is to bring me joy.

The other was not created for me, but as part of her stock for sale. I saw it when I last visited her, and was very drawn to it. It turned out to be primarily a healing wand, though like the rest it has more than one power. With Letitia's permission, I picked it up. The handle fitted my hand perfectly. Then it spontaneously directed me where to touch it to my body! And guess what? I just happened to have in my wallet, and was able to spare, enough money to make a down payment. (It is fairly unusual for me to be carrying such a sum, I might add, and I had no expectation of spending it there.) Seeing it was me, she let me take the wand home straight away, and I'll pay her the balance next time I see her. This wand is much plainer than the other, but it too happens to include something with personal meaning for me.

Already I have stories to tell about the efficacy of both these wands. 

A Practical Path to Joy

Would you use magic to fix your plumbing? I just did – though it did also involve some physical work by men and machines.

My toilet has tended to get blocked if we’ve had a lot of rain – either very heavy, prolonged, or both. 

Usually it was only partly blocked. The contents would rise in the pan alarmingly when flushed, but would eventually drain away over a period of several hours. Sometimes it was completely blocked and couldn't be flushed at all. I don't live very close to any public toilets, so occasionally have had the embarrassment of knocking on a neighbour's door to ask, 'Please can I use your loo?' 

I am in a Housing Department unit, so I would phone Maintenance and someone would arrive within 24 hours to fix it by clearing tree roots from cracked pipes. 'We'll need to replace a section of pipe,' I was told. Access to the pipes is from the yard of the adjoining unit, not mine, so I couldn't be certain whether the pipes were indeed replaced, but it seems pretty obvious that didn't happen as the problem kept recurring. I got to know, as soon as I heard sudden gurgling, gulping noises from the loo even when it was not in use, that it was time to phone Maintenance. 

I lived in dread of this highly inconvenient situation. I even bought a second-hand plastic commode chair from the Palliative Care op-shop. Then I realised that would not solve the problem. Were I to use it, how would I then dispose of any – er – non-liquid contents? So it has never been used and I guess I'll remove it from storage in my garage and donate it back to Palliative Care one day.

Recently, when I heard the dreaded loo noises after some rain, I spoke to my personal wand and suggested that this situation was not conducive to my being joyful! I requested that the matter be fixed properly, long-term. Only then did I phone Maintenance. 

A very nice plumber I had not met before turned up. He found the usual roots in the pipe, which he removed. He said some of the problem was at a junction with Council pipes. He would notify them to come and fix their side of it. He would also have to replace the pipe on the Housing Dept side, and would need some time to organise that, as it would be quite a job; meanwhile my toilet should work OK for the time being.

This bloke inspired more confidence than others I'd encountered. And sure enough some Council workers arrived a couple of days later and cleared their side of things. 'Put something heavy on your toilet lid,' they said. 'We're going to whoosh a whole lot of water through the pipes and you don’t want it flooding your floor.’ They reported back when it was all done; though I kinda knew, when the heavy machinery noises stopped.

A few days later they returned. 'We've been instructed to replace the junction.' Which they duly did. They said, 'Yes, let the Housing Department plumber come back as arranged, in case he needs to do anything more.' I wouldn't have known where to contact him anyway, except through Maintenance. Which I tried, but they said, 'Talk to him about it when he comes to do the job.'

So this morning that is what happened. He was pleased to hear what had taken place, and even more pleased when he inspected the site and found that there was nothing left for him to do. I am extremely pleased myself that, after several years of pleading with the Housing Dept for a permanent solution instead of a quick, temporary fix, I have finally got one.

Yes yes – to the sceptics who like to explain things away – I know, the thing with the wand could, theoretically, have been mere coincidence. Hey, I don't think so!

Un-Crippling Myself

I have had osteo-arthritis for years. Usually it is well controlled and doesn't bother me much. A few weeks ago it began flaring up painfully in my right hip and leg (no, not sciatica; that's been investigated) and sometimes lower and centre back. I started having to use a walking-stick. Luckily I could still drive; it was walking that was the problem. At my worst, I was hobbling around bent over like an old woman.

I did all the things recommended and a few more – consulted my doctor; kept up my regular chiropractic and massage treatments; used the hydrotherapy pool; kept moving as best I could; took prescribed medications for it, plus relevant supplements including turmeric; did specific exercises to help, as instructed; etc etc etc. Everything helped a bit, for a short while; nothing helped much. Finally, getting desperate, I mentioned it to Letitia. At that point I was having gall bladder pains as well; too much fatty food over the holidays.

'Use your healing wand, silly!' she said. Oh yes! Funny how pain interferes with the ability to think. 'Give yourself a good hour's healing,' she added. So I picked up the wand. It immediately instructed me to get naked. (No problem. We're in the middle of a heat wave here.) Then I just let it move where it would over my body, not guiding it but being guided by it. After a little while it told me to lie down, and then concentrated on my gall bladder. It completely got rid of that pain in about 20 minutes. That was on December 30th and that pain has not returned. Of course I did start eating more intelligently, which would have something to do with why it hasn't recurred, but doesn't explain the quick relief on the day.

The same session considerably eased the arthritis, however that did not clear up and did increase again over the following days. 'There must be something I still need to learn from it,' I thought. I kept working with the wand daily as guided, more or less half an hour at a time, as well as doing all the other things I was doing. Finally the wand gave me the above-mentioned advice to use Reiki on myself as well, when watching telly. (You would think I wouldn’t need telling, but as I said, I wasn't thinking straight.) Then it got me to finally put out a call for help to some of my healer friends, and at that point I began turning the corner.

It was a great reminder of the power of asking for help! Two people who live near came and gave me some lovely hands-on work; others sent me loving energy. 'You have many good friends, Rosemary,' one reminded me. I went back to my doctor, consulted with the pharmacist about the most efficient use of my prescription meds, called on my personal  team of angels (which btw we all have) and even explored possible support services in case of need. And I continued to use the wand.

Today I am almost pain-free, am not needing to use my walking-stick, and I can tell you I am in much better spirits! During the worst times I did have moments of self-pity, thinking of all I did as my late husband's carer – contrasting that with being on my own, no-one to support me in the same way, boo-hoo. The amount of support that came when I asked was a revelation! That must be one thing I needed to learn from the whole exercise. Another would be the many techniques and options I have for use in healing. 

In the end I suppose a number of things contributed to the healing – but it was not until I began using the wand that anything shifted. After that it was a gradual but accelerating journey.

I am grateful to the wand which set the healing in motion and helped it along, as well as to Letitia for making her magic wands available.

Yes, I am going to give her, and them, a plug now. You bet I am! 

Here it is. You can find some of her other wands at her Etsy shop.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Psychics Need Special Protection

All of the following protective techniques will work for non-psychics too, if necessary.

1. Overload

As psychics, we can open ourselves up too much to the input from outside ourselves, and become overloaded. In my case this tended to make me a bit manic, speedy without benefit of drugs. I hate that sensation, so had good reason for learning how to stay balanced. And I have had many good teachers over the years.

One of the best ways is to learn Reiki (and choose your Reiki Master wisely: someone who respects and carries on the old-school way of teaching as passed down over the generations). If you are psychic, becoming a Reiki channel has the side-effect of refining and balancing the material coming through, and steadying the rate at which this happens, so that you don't get overwhelmed. Having Reiki treatments could help too, but not in such a constant, ongoing way.

But not everyone is a Reiki channel, and not everyone needs to be. There are other things you can do. I do them too, because – as I so often tell people – I'm a great believer in doing everything that might work.

One of the most important things, paradoxical as it may seem, is to take good care of your physical self. We psychics, mystics, magical workers and sensitives may get so focused on the other-worldly side of things, we forget that our bodies are truly our temples – houses for the spirit – and unless we keep them working efficiently the spirit can suffer.

We need to do all the sensible things we are taught about diet, exercise, water, sleep, fresh air and sunshine. Don't neglect the obvious! [Pauses for a moment to speak severely to self concerning sleep and exercise.] 

There's more, not so well-known. You probably do know that the pineal gland is the seat of the so-called 'third eye', an avenue for psychic awareness. Did you also know there are foods you can eat to keep it healthy? I won't go into all that here. Just Google 'food for pineal gland' and you'll find the information.

Cannabis (marijuana) activates the pineal gland and therefore the psychic abilities. (This might not be news to you either.) We who are already psychic may not need or want any extra activation! Moderation might be wise. But what if you need it for medical reasons (which is now beginning to be accepted)? I don't know, really. Dope isn't my thing, any more than speed. In my distant youth, when I tried it, I either had bad trips or no trips, so I couldn't see any reason to continue using it – especially as it was illegal into the bargain. But I would suggest, be aware that you may open yourself to a flood of input that's hard to handle – and then weigh it all up and do what you need to. 

Obviously, in such a case be even more rigorous about your physical well-being. Also, try meditation. Yes, meditation opens you up to psychic realities too, so you might think it would make matters worse. But it also slows the brain waves, changing their frequency, and I believe it would help settle things down to a manageable level.

2. Psychic Attack


As you'll be aware, most psychic attack is unintentional. Few people understand the real influence of their negative thoughts. You can probably clear that without much trouble. Put up a mirror in front of you, facing outwards to deflect the energy – an etheric mirror, that is. Imagine it in your mind's eye, or if you have trouble visualising, as many do, just intend it firmly and know that it is so.


Some psychic invasion is perfectly accidental, not really an attack at all – as when auras brush against each other in the supermarket for instance, and you pick up something yucky from someone else. So shrink your aura before going into crowded places! Bring it in close around your body like a second skin. This you can do with willpower and imagination. See or feel it shrink into place around you, or just know that it is so.


If you are psychic, and particularly if you work in that capacity for the Universe, you may be subject to attack for that very reason. It may just come with the territory, as in being at the effect of your clients' ‘stuff'; or it may be more sinister, as when dark forces wish to stop you. 

When I was working as a reader on the psychic lines some years back, I found that telephone lines are very good conductors of energy. I was sometimes adversely affected by the client's mood, in a way I don't experience face-to-face. If they were sceptical, I went into self-doubt; if they were sitting on anger, I would feel paralysed; and so on. I was able to overcome this and do the reading anyway, but it took effort. So I finally had the wit to pay attention to where their energy was getting in, and found it was through my solar plexus. (I have since made many enquiries. Other aware people confirm that that's where it is for them too.)

Oh good, so all I had to do was shield my solar plexus! I did it by designing in my mind a shield that covered the area. That is, the area just below the bottom of the sternum (breastbone) between the heart and the belly – the diaphragm, in fact. Really it is the solar plexus chakra you are shielding, but it's not necessary to be so specific. You can choose what shape, colour and material the shield will be, and any protective symbols you want on it. It will be an etheric shield, created with visualisation and intention. 

What if you're one of the people who can't visualise? Having designed your shield in your mind, you could draw it. Or it will also work to hold the idea of your shield in mind, and accompany that with strong intention. Once it’s in place, you don’t need to keep thinking of it.

It's also possible to use a physical shield, in the form of a pendant that hangs in the right place. Anything protective will do, such as a suitable crystal. Again, it's easy to look up online which crystals are protective, and take your pick. Or you could use a pendant of some other protective material; or of any material, bearing a symbol that you understand as protective. 

If it's an etheric shield, you will need to intentionally strengthen or even recreate it from time to time. (Use your intuition as to how often this should be – and it may vary.) If it's a physical shield, you'll need to cleanse and recharge it. 

Crystals can be rinsed under a tap, or they can be left out in sunlight or the light of a full moon. For any other material, hold it on the palm of one hand, and with the other make three concentric circles over it, clockwise if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, anti-clockwise in the Northern, saying, 'I exorcise thee, creature of earth' (or 'creature of air' for a feather, or 'creature of water' for a shell). Intend and see (or just know that it's so) yucky yellow energy leaving the object and dissipating harmlessly in the earth. Then make three concentric circles in the other direction, saying, 'I charge and consecrate thee to my use as psychic protection'. Intend and see (or know) that whitish-blue light from the Universe (or form your heart, if you like that better) is flowing down your arm into the pendant, filling it and charging it.

The other great benefit of shielding the solar plexus chakra is that it is then safe to keep your heart chakra wide open, so as to work in the energy of Unconditional Love. Again, visualise or know, and strongly intend. FEEL it open wide, as your chest expands accordingly.

Shining your light

Love is truly the strongest thing there is. It is not necessarily soft and sweet, though it can be. It is definitely not wishy-washy! It can be difficult to summon up love for someone or something that is attacking you. One way to deal with this is to imagine sending them the most intense white light, which you privately identify as the energy of Unconditional Love – but, having made that identification and intended it to be so, there is no need to dwell on it. You can shine the light so hard, from your third eye, your heart or your crown, that it dissipates the negative energy harmlessly into the earth.

Safety in numbers

In the case of a specific attack, it's helpful to find people (or angels) who are on your side, and enlist their help – whether to surround you with protection or shine so much light that the darkness cannot hold against it. You can meet in person to do this, or you can arrange to do it separately at a specific time when you all join in. Or you can do it whenever suits you individually, in the knowledge that others too will be playing their part and you can intend the link-up regardless of linear time.

I’ve tried to cover this thoroughly. If you have any further questions, please ask in the comments. Also, if you have other suggestions or methods of your own you care to share, please do!